Nice Review of the Ipanema Lounge Project by The Entertainment Bank!

We are happy that another one of our 2012 releases, Songs of Antonio Carlos Jobim by the Ipanema Lounge Project, has received another wonderful review!

The author is Paul Anderson, a Phoenix based KJZZ radio personality, musician extraordinaire, and the owner of Sonic Fusion, who writes regularly for The Entertainment Bank.

The Entertainment Bank is a service founded and run by Michele Wilson-Morris, which evaluates films and music from both major and independent artists of all genres to present to their audience, choosing, like stated on their website, “only the crème de la crème”.

We received the kind permission to reprint the review in full/length here:

Paul Anderson

The Ipanema Lounge Project does a great job with the 3 track “Songs of Antonio Carlos Jobim. Featuring Frances Livings (vocals) Greg Porée (all guitars), Trey Henry (upright bass), Joey Heredia (drums and percussion), John Nau (keyboards), and Nolan Shaheed (trumpet), the Ipanema Lounge project gives you the sweet sounds of Brazilian music that are sure to please.

“Dindi” features the soft touch of Frances Livings on vocals, and the guitar of Greg Porée and Dx7 keyboard blend well with the electric bass very nicely. It’s a great little Bossa nova piece without drums. The next selection, “One Note Samba,” has a full ensemble starting with drums laying a nice samba march with an upright bass sliding over a cool vamp of chords on the intro. The jazz chords are nice with acoustic and electric guitars strumming the downbeats together, and the surprise of a trumpet solo adds a nice solo with impressive melodic ideas. On “Corcovado,”the acoustic guitar with nice finger style, accompanying vocals and fender rhodes give a nice warm intimate sound. The use of simple hand drums give the track a personal, earthy sound. The rhodes piano solo is laid back lounge all the way. No hurries or worries here. The voice of Frances Livings is a perfect balance on a well mixed set of classic Brazilian songs.

Short and sweet!


You can purchase mp3s here.

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