Will QR Codes Help CD Sales At Concerts?

Have you ever missed a CD sale because you can only take cash or cheques? I bet you have! We have, most musicians and indie labels have.

But fear no more, since the advent of smart phones, mobile and extremely handy credit card swipers like Square have popped up on the horizon. Musicians can now accept credt cards as long as they have opened an account with that service whose application is installed on their (and even other band member’s) phones.

The very first business to offer a credit card service for musicians’ merchandise was the indie music “label” (rather, distributor) CD Baby. Although this credit card swiper functions with an awkward prehistoric device that tears up the thin paper sheets that you are prone to lose before sending them to CD Baby via snail mail who then charge you quite a high commission for that sale… I ordered it and used it once because one problem after a show is simply time.

Paypal has already predicted the end of the wallet – and who hasn’t benefited from their services when selling an old guitar or amp on Ebay? But in the future, selling CDs or any merchandise has become easier than handling cash – providing you have got an updated smartphone with a QR reader application:

Based on the funcionability of QR (quick response) codes, the Santa-Monica (California) based company Kuapay has developed an application that, when scanned with a cashier’s bar code reader, “can send the bill to the customer’s phones and receive payment within seconds”, like described on their homepage.

This speedy process, like their company video demonstrates, is one of their three promises, stated on their webite. Besides “speed”, they are promoting this payment system with “security” and “loyalty”.

As a music label and production company we love the “speed” part. Because especially when selling CDs after concerts, it can get slightly frantic: People are hyped and impatient or simply want to celebrate, head to the bar, have a drink.

But what does a code scanner cost and involve? How secure is Kuapay really and will fans trust it and catch on?

If you are serious about your business, it’s definitely a development worth following and investigating.

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  1. I’m thinking T-Shirts with QR codes…. LOL.

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