New Single Release ~ An Acoustic Meditation on Christmas

Released on November 1, 2011:

‘Glory Me’ is an acoustic meditation on Christmas: It is an engaging Christmas carol with melodic and harmonious female vocals and a wonderful, warm ensemble sound.

‘Glory Me’ is an acoustic, spiritual, folk-like and engaging Christmas carol, written, performed and produced by the composer and guitarist Greg Porée and the singer-songwriter Frances Livings. It is a rare compilation by these two artists.

Stylistically the tune is very much connected to traditional Christmas songs of the British Isles, rooted in medieval music. The style of Christmas carols Frances heard and sang growing up in South England. This is why it may well remind you of Annie Lennox’ choice and interpretation of traditional Christmas carols on ‘A Christmas Cornucopia’.

The vocal approach may remind you of the singers Eva Cassidy, Amy Grant or Sarah McLachlan and their melodic and harmonious interpretation of Christmas carols and songs.

Greg Porée, whose versatility as a musician, arranger and composer covers every style ranging from Motown to Bach, clearly shows his skills both as a player and a writer. Especially his classical influences become apparent in this piece. The chord structure and progression of ‘Glory Me’ move like they would in a Baroque piece by Bach.

You can listen to a full-length version of the song here:

The melody and the lyrics by Livings are clearly crafted for a contemporary listener. They are more of a spiritual than religious understanding of goodness and self-respect like expressed in the lines: “The essence of the Christmas story / is that we may feel the glory / for ourselves for man- and womankind”.

Accompanied by Jeff Colella (piano), Greg Porée (classical guitar), Peter Jacobson (cello) and Frances Livings (all vocals) a song with a wonderful, warm ensemble sound has been created – an acoustic meditation on Christmas.

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