NEW RELEASE: Frances Livings ‘The World I Am Livings In’, Moontraxx 2013




Moontraxx Records is proud to announce the release of a brand new album: “The World I Am Livings In” by Frances Livings.


The British born songwriter Frances Livings has released her first solo album with original material: “The World I Am Livings In” plays like a book of twelve musical short stories. These songs will pull at your heart strings. Never hiding vulnerability, like the soft colours and natural elements of the cover design suggest, the timbre of this album is both melancholy and strength. Her soulful and engaging contralto voice – which may remind you of singers like Sade – captures the melancholy of her poetic lyrics. Many tell of loss but they all depict the strength of the human spirit.

The musical core is a trio, consisting of voice, grand piano and upright bass. It gives the album a very tangible, transparent and acoustic feel, similar to the intimate sound of Diana Krall’s recordings. At the same time, each song possesses its own unique sonic qualities: Some are spiked with elevating, almost classical string arrangements, others move in interesting grooves and sounds, using a Rhodes or an electric guitar in the style of European nu-jazz.

Prior releases, some as guest singer and writer, include her EP ‘During the Hours’, a collection of Livings’ own poetry recorded in collaboration with some of Los Angeles’ finest jazz musicians. Each piece resulting in a soulful dialogue between the artist’s narrative and the musician’s improvisational talents.

Although her song writing style stands more in the tradition of folk, this album, recorded in Los Angeles and released by Moontraxx Records was recorded with some of the most accomplished and sought after jazz musicians. Produced by the artist herself and Greg Porée who has worked with some of the world’s greatest artists, including Joan Baez and Stevie Wonder, this album stays true to the label’s motto “A popular approach to intelligent music!”.

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