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Are you a radio presenter, a DJ, a music magazine editor or a blog writer? Would you like to write about one of Moontraxx’ artists, review new releases or play new, authentic and hand-picked music on your show?

All of our artist’s songs are suitable for radio play, especially on stations that play Latin Jazz, Nu Jazz or even Smooth Jazz. Our experience has shown that if your listeners like Zero7, Air or Koop, they will love the 4UrbanArtists. If your audience is captivated by the jazz guitar à la Pat Metheny or Tommy Emmanuel then they will want to listen to Greg Porée. Audiences which gravitate towards female artists like Bebel Gilberto, Annie Lennox or Sade will love Frances Livings. Please also take note of our latest recordings by the Ipanema Lounge Project, especially if you are interessted in Brazilian jazz, like Bebel Gilberto or Tom Jobim.

Moontraxx creates intelligent music with a popular approach!

Please drop us a line if you are interested. Just use the form in the tab “Contact Us” by clicking here. It will open up in a new window. Tell us who you are and which releases you are interested in. Whether you prefer to work with a full press kit, a digital site to download the music files or a physical CD, we will send it to you. Please don’t forget a mailing address if you are requesting physical CDs.

This is our latest release by Greg Porée:

Listen to some excerps of other artists and songs here or follow the links by clicking on the artist’s name to listen to their whole repertoire:


Unique melody-driven urban electronica featuring female vocals – a blend of Nu-Jazz with trip-hop driven grooves, funky bass lines and atmospheric soundscapes.


Frances Livings
Her style as a writer is influenced by pop music and Nujazz. She writes both poetry and music. Her speaking and singing voice is engaging and rich, her songs have strong lyrics, interesting chords and memorable melodies. One of the most important things for her is, how the imagery touches people and which story it tells.


Greg Porée
As a composer and guitarist, originally coming from the late Motown, his music is driven by acoustic guitars and Latin flavoured, groovy percussions, combining elements of Jazz, Tango-Nuevo and Fusion.


Ipanema Lounge Project
The authentic, sophisticated and hand-made music of the ‘Ipanema Lounge Project’! will transport you to the contemporary bars and lounges of urban metropolis’ where Brazilian music has had its undeniable impact on today’s global music and art culture. Focussing mainly on compositions by the Brazilian composer Antônio Carlos Jobim, this musical ensemble succeeds in bringing out the colours of these meanwhile classical tunes of the 60’s by arranging them in a contemporary Nu-jazz style.

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