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The Ipanema Lounge project gives you the sweet sounds of Brazilian music that are sure to please ~ Paul Anderson, KJAZZ 91.5

Authentic and sophisticated jazz standards, infused with a contemplative and seductive Nu-jazz feeling. Transporting you to the contemporary bars and urban lounges where Brazilian music has had its undeniable impact on today’s global music and art culture.

The recordings of the Ipanema Lounge Project, a professional musical ensemble from Los Angeles, are compositions by the Brazilian composer Antônio Carlos Jobim, who was a primary force behind the creation of the modern Bossa Nova style of the 1960’s.

These meanwhile classical jazz songs; Dindi, One Note Samba and Corcorvado, are sophisticated interpretations which perfectly capture the mood of the time. On the same note, these jazz tunes are infused with a modern, easy-going, contemplative and seductive chill-out Lounge feeling.

Backed by incredible rhythmic talent on bass and percussion, the core of the ‘Ipanema Lounge Project’ features the sultry voice of the Nu-jazz singer/songwriter Frances Livings and the harmonious tones of the classical guitarist/composer Greg Porée, currently also playing on the TV hit show Dancing with the Stars.

What makes the Ipanema Lounge Project so special is not only their musicianship and musical style. Despite the popularity and recognisability of Jobim’s songs, it is rare for these tunes to be the musical focus of Nu-jazz recordings.

These three recordings will transport you to the contemporary bars and lounges of urban metropolises, where Brazilian music has had its undeniable impact on today’s global music and art culture.


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One of the three tunes is Dindi which, like all three recordings, was composed by the Brazilian composer Antônio Carlos Jobim in the mid 1960s, with Portuguise lyrics by Aloysio de Oliveria. English lyrics were added by Ray Gilbert.

This well-known jazz classic with an almost soft, lullaby character has also got a tragic background: Jobim wrote this piece especially for the Brazilian singer Sylvia Telles whose nickname was Dindi. In the December of 1966, just a short while after Telles had recorded this piece with guitarist Rosinha de Valença, she was killed in a road accident in Rio de Janeiro.

This version of the song by the Ipanema Lounge Project, has also got a dreamy, lullaby type quality. It starts with the verse played and sung freely and out of tempo with nylon acoustic guitar and voice. The chorus has a smooth and moderate tempo without drums or percussion. The warm double bass and acoustic guitar carry the rhythm; the electric keyboard serves as a harmonic pad and the electric guitar functions as a counterpoint to the vocal. Frances Livings – vocals; Greg Porée – all guitars and keyboard; Trey Henry – bass.

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