Greg Porée



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“Crossover Jazz with a Brain!”

Greg Porée’s music is driven by acoustic guitars and Latin flavoured percussions, combining elements of Jazz, Tango-Nuevo and Fusion.

Greg Porée creates bright and warm acoustic guitar patterns, alternating rhythm sections with solos and arpeggios. His focus is powerful melodies and groovy tunes rather than endlessly showing off his virtuoso abilities. This artist has been exposed to a huge variety of music over the years which has influenced both his playing and song writing, resulting in a very unique and recognizable style.

To buy his music please click on the album covers:

Greg Porée_Phoenix

GregPorée_Vertical Motion100x100 The Night Before_Cover 100x100

Greg Porée_Inventions100x100

Greg Porée_Somewhere Over The Rainbow 2001 100





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