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Frances Livings’ songs definitely fall into Moontraxx’ category “A popular approach to intelligent music”. She writes and performs songs with strong lyrics, interesting chords and memorable melodies. She is a lover of languages and of foreign cultures But one of the main goals for her is, how the imagery of each piece touches people and which story it tells.

Frances Livings’ style as a writer and performer has been determined by a background in art history and theatre, mingled with the circumstance of often having had to adapt to new and unpredictable situations and her experience in the field of experimentation and electronica. Her speaking and singing voice is engaging and rich. The cello is considered to be one of the most expressive and satisfying instruments to listen to. Its ability to speak beautifully whether in a low or high register makes it a joy for composers to write for. Frances’ alto voice resonates in the same manner. With her richness of overtones, she brings a wide range of emotion and passion to each song, truly a gift for the listeners.

The World I Am Livings In (Moontraxx, 2013)

Frances Livings’ first solo album “The World I Am Livings In”, released by Moontraxx Records in 2013, pulls at your heart strings. Her soulful contralto voice captures the melancholy of her poetic lyrics which play like a book of twelve musical short stories. Many tell of loss but they all depict the strength of the human spirit.

This album was recorded with some of Los Angeles’ most accomplished jazz musicians and produced by Greg Porée who has worked with some of the world’s greatest artists, including Joni Mitchell and Stevie Wonder. The musical core of the recordings is a trio, consisting of voice, grand piano and upright bass which gives the album a very tangible, transparent and acoustic feel. At the same time, each song possesses its own unique sonic qualities: Some are spiked with elevating, almost classical string arrangements, others move in interesting grooves and sounds, using a Rhodes or an electric guitar in the style of European nu-jazz.

Ipanema Lounge (Moontraxx 2016)

Her second solo album, “Ipanema Lounge” (Moontraxx 2016) captures a rich atmosphere of cultural diversity. This sensual, multi-lingual world jazz album, with songs in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese, guarantees to carry you along on an emotional journey.

Bringing to this album even more than her deep love of these cultures, she choose a foreign language repertoire. She selected songs written by artists native to countries such as France, Mexico and Peru, whose tunes with their unique phonetical sounds evoke a very classy and lush atmosphere.

The musical ensemble succeeds in bringing out the colours of these tunes, which range from contemporary to classical – the oldest song being from 1946. The jazz standard One Note Samba is a perfect example of the musical imagination and refreshing engagement that was brought to the production.

During The Hours (Moontraxx 2010)

During the Hours is the debut album of the London-born lyricist and songwriter Frances Livings and features three of her previously unpublished poems. Eclectic, sensual and spiritual musical poetry, jazzoetry at its finest level – each piece a soulful dialogue between the artist’s narrative and the musician’s improvisational talents.

Frances hand picked three of Los Angeles’ finest jazz musicians to support and interpret the atmosphere of each piece. Her goal was to capture complete performances rather than the usual studio procedure of assembling tracks for overdubbing and editing.

The single violin joining Ms Livings [on ‘During the Hours’] has amazing control of texture and intensity, so as to never get in the way or waver from the flow of images and meter of Frances’ poetic thoughts.

          ~ Michele Wilson-Morris, The Entertainment Bank


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