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Tis the Season. 
Traditional Christmas Carols played by Greg Porée on Classical Guitar

Holiday Favorite. I was lucky enough to receive this CD as a present when it was first released many years ago. It has become one of my holiday favorites. The songs are played on guitar in the traditional style (just like the cover says…which, btw, is an accurate depiction of how the songs make you feel) and are quite simply beautiful. Anyone who likes these songs will love this CD.

~ Review by C. McArthur on Amazon

This soothing Christmas CD Tis the Season comprises very intimate solo recordings of traditional Christmas carols played by the American composer and guitarist Greg Porée on classical guitar. His interpretations of popular tunes like Silent Night or The First Noel are both skilful and mellow, sensitive and tasteful.

His intricate classical style of guitar playing is similar to that of John Williams and Tommy Emmanuel. This CD will therefore appeal to a broad audience who will appreciate its soothing effect in contrast to the sometimes stressfulness of the winter holidays.


Glory Me

If you like artists like Amy Grant or Annie Lennox, then you will enjoy this spiritual and soulful, folky and sweet Christmas tune. It was written, performed and produced by the American composer and guitarist Greg Porée and the British singer-songwriter Frances Livings.

Glory Me is an acoustic meditation on Christmas. It is an engaging, spiritual, folk-like Christmas carol with melodic and harmonious female vocals and a wonderful, warm ensemble sound.

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