Unique melody-driven urban electronica featuring female vocals – a blend of Nu-Jazz with trip-hop driven grooves, funky bass lines and atmospheric soundscapes.

4Urban Artists proudly fly the flag of urban electronica nu-Jazz trip-hop. Seriously. What kind of mad musical scientist cooks something like THIS up? That would be composer Volker Schwanke (…) and (…) singer-songwriter Frances Livings. Joining them are team of musicians very skilled at their craft who combine to form 4Urban Artists.

~ Review by Lauren Michelle for Scandalous

The trip-hop and electronica collective 4UrbanArtists was founded by the bass player and composer Volker Schwanke (alias Daddy Deep) in 2000. Another founding member was the British born lyricist and singer-songwriter Frances Livings whose vocals are featured on five of the tracks. Prior to this collaboration they had worked together on Daddy Deep’s album “Professorship” in 1999 (BMG/AMM Lipstick, Köln).

Setting out with new material, they played their first regular live gigs at a club called “Rote Laterne” on the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg. This is where they met the DJ, sound programmer and guitarist Automart (Martin Hillmann) from Krefeld who joined the band and became a co-writer. The forth member – implied by the name 4UrbanArtists – is a laptop. The 4UrbanArtists quicky gained popularity and started working on their first album, Jungle Jazzin’ which was recorded in 2002/2003 but then never released because the band members parted and went seperate ways.

In 2009 Moontraxx choose six songs from this extensive catalogue of music to be remastered: The album was released under the name Sticky Traxx on June 1, 2009.

To buy music by the 4UrbanArtists please click on the album covers:









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