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Moontraxx. Who, why and what?

During the last twenty years, I have continuously had contact with various niches of the music business and industry, whether indirectly through other artists or by being engaged in many artistic ventures myself. One of my first jobs was to design an album cover for an up and coming German Pop singer. Another band, who had just signed a record deal and were off to record in Los Angeles, I helped proof-reading their English lyrics. I designed stage costumes, co-financed a music CD on vampires (unluckily fifteen years before the vampire-frenzy hit the market), supported artistically an award-winning musical and co-produced many a song.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet a tremendous amount of talent. The saddest realization I have had to make however, is how little of this talent is recognized. It is without a doubt a lot of hard work to train your craft/s and do all of the footwork as well. Supportive literary and booking agents, professional managers are hard to come by. But many of us also falsely believe that only if you are “discovered” you have true value or vice versa, you will automatically be discovered if you’re great and if not, it proves that you are simply not good enough.

I have seen many gifted and hard-working musicians and writers break down and give up on the way. One of my biggest mistakes has been to feel guilty and bashful about promoting my work which has made me give up sometimes – for instance by leaving my dissertation I completed (awarded with a grant and with a cum laude) unpublished. And although I was singing, I was almost in denial of many of my songs and lyrics, leaving them unrecorded and unprotected.

So when I moved to Los Angeles I knew I had to change things for myself – and perhaps for others too. Because in addition, I found it even more painful to see how many overwhelmingly great musicians were struggling – many of them without a clue whatsoever how to promote themselves. I started helping other musicians with their myspace pages, one of the first self-marketing tools that hit the digital world. In 2009 I founded Moontraxx.

Moontraxx Records is a small jazz label in Los Angeles. My musical motto is “a popular approach to intelligent music”. I really wanted to focus on strategies to promote music the guitarist and composer Greg Porée and I, Frances Livings create, as individuals and sometimes as writing partners. Although I am an artist myself, I have got a strong entrepreneurial spirit. So I like to see myself as a source of information for any entrepreneurial and promotional aspects of writing, creating music and composing which is why I have started a blog.

Momentarily, I am not signing any other bands, apart from a former collaboration with the 4UrbanArtists. But in the near future I will be commissioning artists for a second nu-jazz compilation CD. I am also working on a new venture, Moontraxx Music Productions. If you are a professional musician, you might want to part of this. So don’t fear to contact us.

Whether you need some “sound” advice or have something to share, in any case – I would like to hear from you!

Update on Sep. 21, 2011:

“If people knew how hard I worked to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful.”
~ Michelangelo 

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