Moontraxx presents: Ipanema Lounge Project. A Tribute to Antônio Carlos Jobim


Moontraxx presents: The authentic, sophisticated and hand-made music of the ‘Ipanema Lounge Project’! It will transport you to the contemporary bars and lounges of urban metropolis’ where Brazilian music has had its undeniable impact on today’s global music and art culture.

Focussing mainly on compositions by the Brazilian composer Antônio Carlos Jobim, this musical ensemble succeeds in bringing out the colours of these meanwhile classical tunes of the 60’s by arranging them in a contemporary Nu-jazz style:

The ‘Ipanema Lounge Project’ never loses touch with the intentions of the original tune. Their sophisticated interpretation of standards like ‘Corcovado’ or ‘Dindi’ perfectly capture the mood of the time, on the same note, infusing them with an easy-going, contemplative and seductive Lounge-jazz feeling.

Backed by incredible rhythmic talent on bass and percussion, the ‘Ipanema Lounge Project’ features the sultry voice of the Nu-jazz singer and songwriter Frances Livings and the harmonious tones of the classical guitarist, arranger and composer Greg Porée. And although the constellation of the two main members seems to reflect Gilberto and Byrd, they are far away from being a cover band.

What makes the ‘Ipanema Lounge Project’ so special is not only their musicianship and musical style. Despite the popularity and recognisability of Jobim’s songs (‘The Girl From Ipanema’ being one of the most well known ones), it is rare for these tunes to be the musical focus of a live jazz programme. And since Jobim’s music is so rich in options, in sound and performance, this five piece ensemble is ideal for any concert setting.

Watch the original of ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ with Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz from 1964:

Laura Fygi sings a Jobim Medley: “How Insensitive” (Insensatez), “Quiet Nights Of Quiet Dreams” (Corcovado) and “Dindi” (From the DVD “Live – Royal Theater Carré” 1998)

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