Frances Livings’ Jazzoetry CD “During the Hours” ~ Now Available on CD Baby!

During the Hours is the debut album of the London-born lyricist and songwriter Frances Livings. It features three of her previously unpublished poems. It was originally released in digital Form by Moontraxx on January 1, 2010. Since February 1, 2012 it is also available as a physical CD on CD Baby.

The multi-faceted published and recorded artist, Frances Livings, who wrote, recited and produced the album, has written in many genres, including an impressive thesis earning her a PhD in art history. Her first solo CD, marking the beginning of a new decade, addresses a still somewhat exotic genre, best described as “Jazzoetry” or simply musical poetry.

The recording sessions took place in November 2009 at the studio of Nolan Shaheed in Pasadena and were produced by the artist herself and the composer, producer and guitarist Greg Porée. Frances hand picked three of Los Angeles’ finest jazz musicians to support and interpret the atmosphere of each piece. Her goal was to capture complete performances rather than the usual studio procedure of assembling tracks for overdubbing and editing.

The musicians had not heard the poems prior to their studio arrival and were asked to respond as if they were at a live jazz gig, improvising on the spot. Each piece was recorded live, with the individual instrument in dialogue with Frances’ recital of the poem: The atmosphere was electric and invariably her concept was achieved within two to three takes.

Songs of the Soul features Zane Musa on tenor saxophone who is unique for blending middle Eastern melodies with intricate jazz improvisation. The poem itself was crafted using variations of traditional rhyming schemes and a metrical pattern which is very similar to Old English poetry. Songs of the Soul therefore mirrors musically, technically and emotionally the highs and lows of musical performance and the conflicts of creative angst. You can read about the the creative process in her blog “Songs of the Soul ~ Musical Poetry and its Inspirations” on her official website.

For The Maliciousness of Words Frances chose the jazz pianist Brandon Coleman. It is Brandon’s humour and his ability to convey easiness that enabled him to fully compliment the piece which deals with the characteristics of individual words.

During the Hours is an ode to a loved one. It features the violinist Paul Cartwright whose gift in creating lyrical melodies with strong narratives complimented the romantic and scenographic notion of this piece.

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