Greg Porée On The Making of Phoenix

We asked the jazz composer and guitarist Greg Porée to write about the process of recording his new album Phoenix, release date March 11, 2012. You can read his story in full-length here:

The Making of Phoenix

How does one get their music performed and recorded? This is a persistent issue for all musical artists and every project has a unique path. For my latest CD, Phoenix, the beginning came during a recording session at Nolan Shaheed’s where I was working on another project with my bass playing friend Keith Jones. Nolan commented on the amazing chemistry the two of us had. I said it’s because we had been performing as a duo every Wednesday night at a club in Pasadena, CA and that had really honed our musical rapport. Nolan said he loved what he heard and he offered me free studio time to record some of my original tunes. That for me was a great financial incentive to get started and so the process had begun.

I felt this new CD should be a simpler production than my previous one Inventions and more focused on the guitar. My wife and co-producer, Frances as well as numerous fans, also advanced the notion of doing some cover tunes. I liked that idea and so the concept was in place and it was just a matter of deciding which tunes to do and then coordinating the time and personnel.

Before I go any further I have to say there are not enough words that can express my gratitude for all the hard work and talent contributed by my colleagues on the endeavor. The design, production, sound, engineering, performances, promotion, text, mixing and mastering doesn’t magically happen. Just read the credits, these are very talented and dedicated people. Thank you!

My favorite part of the process is the initial tracking of the songs. I’m a total studio junkie when it comes that first day of starting on a new track with the other musicians. The other fun part for me in the process is layering additional tracks onto the basic. That’s also great when one hears the song come alive with the added depth of sound. After these things are done there is the mixing which I have no patience for. I think I’m good at it but it’s definitely something I would rather delegate to someone else. It’s a very demanding art all by itself.

This CD was an absolute joy to make. I like the intimacy and diversity of it and hope that it will lift your spirits as much as it has mine.

Greg Porée


Listen to or buy the album here:

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