Is Facebook getting “Too Hard to Handle”? The Musician’s Guide to Private and Public Profiles.

Are you a musician who has “accidentally” used his/her private Facebook page as a semi public one? Is Facebook generally starting to drive you crazy? Have you reached your allowed maximum number of friends? Are you being tagged in pictures you didn’t even know existed – like the one your cousin uploaded of you in those awful striped pajama trousers from 1971? Or is that woman with the online shoe store, who keeps tagging you in pictures of tacky high heels, making you look like a cross-dresser?

Then it’s time to reclaim your privacy and set up a “fan page”!

Even if you don’t consider yourself a “pop star”, a public profile can pimp your image (= pimp your wallet) and get rid of all of those people you don’t even know. The great thing about a “public” fan page (or brand page) is that you and/or your page administrator determine the contents. The amount of people who choose to “like” you is also unlimited. Plus there is no need to be staring helplessly at other people’s pictures of puppy dogs again unless you have “liked” another page called “Puppy Love” for instance that posts those contents. On the long run you do need to ask yourself, how many people of your so-called FB friends are in reality just fans, students, digital groupies, self-indulged narcissists or stalkers. It is very tempting to start deleting people. But DON’T! We’ll get to that later!

Right now our goal will be to set up a public fan page and to convert these people from being “friends” to being fans. You therefore need to do the following:

  1. Log in to Facebook but do NOT delete any of your friends.
  2. Set up a fan page by following this link on Facebook: Once you have opened the page, click on the link “How can I create a page”. It’s fairly easy, the system will walk you through all of the next steps to create a page for an “artist, band or public figure”.

Now you need to get people over from your private profile to becoming “fans”. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Compose a short message to post on your own wall announcing your new page, and post the link to it a couple of times.
  2. Once you have set up the page with a few pictures. Go to your fan page, look on the right and you will see a small icon called “invite friends”. Click on that link, a small window will open and click on all of your friends, inviting them to become a fan.
  3. If you have got a website, install an icon “become a fan on Facebook” or “Like my page on Facebook” or/and blog about your new page.
  4. Send am email to your mailing list, asking people to “like” your page!

After a couple of weeks, people will have slowly starting rolling over to your new fan page. As brutal as it sounds, now is the time to start deleting those stalkers and narcissists from your private page.

It can be difficult to even know who to delete. I personally ask myself with each person i.e. friend request:

  1. Do I know him/her personally? (this is my priority question)
  2. If I don’t know him/her that well, would I have a coffee with him/her and make the attempt to get to know that person better?
  3. Are we related? (that’s sometimes just hard luck…)

Now it’s time to reclaim your privacy which means giving people as little access to your private page as possible. One good way is to block your private page from the public view which means that people searching for you won’t be able to find your private page, only your fan page – which is exactly where we want them!

  1. Log into your Facebook account and click on the little arrow in the top right hand corner and go to “Privacy Settings”. This is where you can set individual privacy features, like preventing people from tagging you.
  2. Now look at the first row where it says: “how you connect” and click on the “edit settings” link.
  3. A small window will open and will ask you “Who can look you up?”. I recommend “Friends of friends” but NOT everyone.

By now you might ask yourself, why have a private page at all? The truth is, unluckily (and unlike the way it is on myspace), on Facebook you can’t have public (brand or fan) pages without a private one. But it’s up to you to keep it private.

If you need help with setting up your public page feel free to contact us. We can either help you directly or recommend some digital media agencies who offer similar services.

Please keep us updates with your stories, ideas and updates! We love hearing from you too!

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