New CD Review of Greg Porée’s Phoenix by Paul Anderson

Our latest Moontraxx production, Greg Porée’s CD Phoenix was reviewed this week by a wonderful industry website, The Entertainment Bank. It is an honour for us to have two of our productions reviewed so positively, it being a service which evaluates films and music from both major and independent artists of all genres to present to their audience, choosing, like stated on their website, “only the crème de la crème”.

The author is Paul Anderson, is a Phoenix based KJZZ radio personality, musician extraordinaire, and the owner of Sonic Fusion.

We received the kind permission from Michele Wilson-Morris, the founder and executive director of the Entertainment Bank, to reprint the review in full/length here:

Phoenix (Greg Porée)

“Greg Porée is an exceptional guitarist. His last release for Moontraxx was in 2008, and “Phoenix” is his latest creation for 2012. There are some artists that the public finds out about because they get tremendous amounts of saturation on the radio, and with music video, and talk show appearances. Fodder for the media hype machine, and paparazzi. Then there are artists like Greg Porée, the one other musicians tell each other about. Your Herbies, and Breckers, and Ralph Towners, and Chick Coreas. Oh yes, and add Porée to that list.
“Phoenix” is not an over intellectualized cerebral excursive, but a musically gorgeous, and masterful set of performances from guitarist Greg Porée. The opener is a jazz waltz, 2 guitars, upright bass, and hand percussion. The compositions throughout have a vibrant, yet understated approach. The grooves are in the pocket, and finally on track 4 of Phoenix, comes the addition of the electric piano to his ensemble. The standard ”It’s Only A Paper Moon” has the flavor of salsa, with a very cool 16th note twin cowbell pattern. Nice single line and chord solos. The congero gives a great percussion solo with nice breaks on the phrase, “I you believe in me”. On track 6, “Podengo,” the tempo picks up and Greg doubles out the melody with acoustic and electric guitar, a full drum kit, electric keys, and a full rhythm section. The solo section is funky, and Greg burns it down on electric, with Wes style octaves. “Over the Rainbow” is next with a steel string finger pattern, and very delicate nylon strings on an engaging vamp. Track 9 leads off with piano, and features nice female vocal doubling with the acoustic guitar, and nice, unpredictable chord changes. Finally, Porée adds cool approaches to “My Favorite Things.”
Mr Porée is victorius with adding classical  elements into great open modal terrain for the piano to solo in. One of the highlights of doing reviews for The Entertainment Bank is when I get to catch a gem like this one. We don’t usually add links to album reviews, but in this case, I’m making an exception. “Phoenix” is too good to miss, pass up, or let get away from you, so here are the links to where you can purchase this astoundingly brilliant work by one of the masters, Mr. Greg Porée himself.”
By Paul Anderson
Phoenix (Greg Porée) (c) The Entertainment Bank, June 19 2012
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