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Our first Moontraxx jazzoetry production, Frances Livings’ ‘During the Hours’ was reviewed this week by the wonderful industry website, The Entertainment Bank – a service which evaluates films and music from both major and independent artists of all genres to present to their audience, choosing, like stated on their website, “only the crème de la crème”.

The author is Michele Wilson-Morris, the founder & Executive Director of The Entertainment Bank.

We received the kind permission from Michele Wilson-Morris, the founder and executive director of the Entertainment Bank, to reprint the review in full/length here:

By Michele Wilson-Morris

When I listen to spoken word, whether it’s live or recorded, I hope that I’m going to hear something new and exciting that I wasn’t expecting. I love being pleasantly surprised and am always open to being captivated by fresh, new content. If the artist is one that I’m familiar with, I try very hard to approach their new material with an open mind. Having said that (or written it, whichever you deem most appropriate), Frances Livings is a wonderful singer, and her work on “The Ipanema Lounge Project” was very impressive. Even so, she reveals yet another side to herself with what she appropriately refers to as her ‘jazzoetry’ album, “During The Hours.”

The 3 songs on this recording feature duets of spoken prose and virtuoso solo instruments. The responsive tones of the performers are intimately tied to the images painted by the poetry of Ms. Livings. The single violin joining Ms Livings has amazing control of texture and intensity, so as to never get in the way or waver from the flow of images and meter of Frances’ poetic thoughts. “Maliciousness of Words” provides the listener with a taste of just how powerfully impacting words can be, when chosen carefully and said with just the right tone, volume, and intent. I found this piece to be clever and the pianist brilliant in the choices of voicings and tonal colors. “Songs of the Souls” is a plunge into an ocean of emotional colors, and the alto sax player on this cut never misses opportunities to express the leaps in time, place, and images of a very intimately soft spoken piece. The contrast of covering epic flows of intensity with the soft spoken voice is very interesting. The sax absorbs and reflects the intensity of the words, aptly helping to unleash the power of Frances’ poetic narrative.

This is one very interesting CD, and will be appreciated by those who are lovers of the arts, spoken word, jazz, or that which is different, but in a good way. Let an open mind guide you through this journey, and you might just be astonished at how nice and reflective this vibe can be.

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Listen to full-length recordings and read the poems by clicking on the song titles:
Songs of the Soul with Zane Musa
The Maliciousness of Words with Brandon Coleman
During the Hours with Paul Cartwright
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